Step by step procedure to install a new toilet.

Set Mounting bolts. If you are reusing old flange, replace the 3.5 inch flange bolts. If you are replacing the flange, it must be screwed into a wooden floor. Use self tapping concrete screws for concrete. Place the wax ring on the toilet, size will vary. Set the toilet bowl. Straddle the toilet bowl and lift, using your legs-not your back.
Tighten the nuts against the washer by hand. With a wrench, tighten each nut a half-turn. Alternate tightening each side until the toilet fits cozily. Cut the flange bolt to size. This will allow the cap to fit well. Set the tank anchor bolts. Place the tank anchor bolts in the holes of the tank to help guide the tank into the bowl. Place the tank over the bowl. Tighten the tank bolts. Do not over tighten as you may crack either the tank or the bowl.

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